Respect Her

Respect Her is a video that teaches the value of respect for females. Set in a recording studio, it depicts the story of a young woman being disrespected by a young record producer. Angered by her entry into the recording booth, the producer berates her, calling her a “B.” The young lady’s boyfriend, the recording artist, steps up to defend her honor. He boldly advocates for her. With firm conviction, he admonishes his colleague about losing the respect of women when we disrespect them. “How would you like it if someone call your mother a “B?” He effectively chastises and corrects the behavior of the producer, who in the end, comes to understand the error of his ways. The conflict is resolved peacefully and reconciliation takes place among the parties.
Use Respect Her to teach respect of females. Use it to generate a dialogue about respect, change attitudes and behaviors, and create aversion to the use of the “B” word to describe females.


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