• Auntie All In
  • Hip young aunt engages nephews in conversation about responsible sexual conduct. Using youth-friendly language, but pulling no punches, Auntie talks to the boys about avoiding STDs, unwanted pregnancies and the importance of their education. This is a learning event that is impactful because it is nonjudgmental and relatable to young people, especially young men.


  • Who Gangs Target
  • “Who Gangs Target” is a dramatization of an interview with 2 incarcerated gang members. The objective is to identify and expose the type of youth street gangs target for recruitment. Motivated by a desire to help young people, they explain how the gangs operate and describe who their likely target would be.


  • Respect Her
  • “Respect Her” teaches respect for females. In a recording studio, a young lady is disrespected by the producer. The producer berates her, calling her a “B.” Her boyfriend, the artist, steps up to advocate for her. “How would you like it if someone call your mother a “B?” Respect Her is a great vehicle to generate a dialogue about the use of the “B” word and for conflict resolution.


  • Reading is a life Saver
  • “Reading Is A Life Saver” is a motivational teaching tool. It conveys the shows the link between reading and survival. The main character puts more time and energy into honing his basketball skills than in schoolwork. Result: illiteracy. His mother uses his love for the game as a reference to convince him he needs to learn how to read.