Core Values and Approach

The core belief of Transformation Techniques is that all people have intrinsic worth and value.

Based on a solid foundation of love and respect,
we believe it is our duty and mission to help people reach their full potential.

Our basic approach is to devise “counter-messaging video content” that
challenges misinformation and then present life-affirming options and perspectives.


Help people become caring, principled, and responsible citizens.

Teach and develop good character and behavior through emphasis
on universal values and principles we all share.

Promote individual growth through focused immersion in the learning and adoption of basic values
such as respect, kindness, honesty, generosity, courage, freedom, tolerance, and equality.

Achieve long-term solutions by cultivating minds and nurturing hearts.

Who We Serve

Students and Teachers
Youth and Adults
Juvenile delinquents
Prisoners, parolees, probationer
Teenage Parents
Substance abusers
High School drop-outs
Foster care/Group Home residents